• Tuitman Vastgoed

    9712KP Groningen
    14 viviendas en Groningen
    I would like to introduce you to Tuitman Vastgoed, a agency Active in Groningen, Drenthe and surroundings. We Caring for an quick and carefree rental cleans your floor (en) as a owner Has also the ...
  • 123Wonen Groningen

    9718CA Groningen
    9 viviendas en Groningen
    Rental agency Groningen Apartments for rent for short stay or longer stay in Groningen House for rent Groningen, rooms for rent Groningen, houses for expats, rooms for students. Studio's for rent in ...
  • Maxx Groningen

    9711NA Groningen
    9 viviendas en Groningen
    Maxx Properties is a real creative player who starts where others stop. Maxx is an active player in the real estate market. Maxx is professional, resourceful and flexible. Maxx is the trusted ...
  • Gruno Vastgoed B.V.

    9714AM Groningen
    7 viviendas en Groningen
    Gruno Vastgoed is specialized in renting out student rooms, group houses, studios and appartements in and around the city of Groningen. Our main goal is to offer you the place that is the best fit by ...
  • REC Vastgoed

    9752AA Haren Gn
    7 viviendas en Groningen
    When you think of a broker, you think to homes, to buying, selling, renting or letting. But at home, in an environment where you want to feel comfortable. REC Real Estate is an active and accessible ...
  • BED'R Apartments

    9711RS Groningen
    7 viviendas en Groningen
    At BED'R we try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We develop our own apartments and studios, designed with care and knowledge of how a temporary home functions best. That’s why all of ...
  • Groningse Panden Beheer B.V.

    9711CC Groningen
    4 viviendas en Groningen
    Groningse Panden is the largest propertymanagement office in the city of Groningen. With more than 3000 tenants and hundreds of locations we can provide a wide range of offers for future tenants and ...
  • K&P Makelaars

    9718CK Groningen
    3 viviendas en Groningen
    K&P Makelaars K&P Makelaars will help you as specific and effective as possible to help you as a client. Every client has different needs and requirements, therefore we will provide our service ...
  • Rotsvast Groningen

    9712NE Groningen
    3 viviendas en Groningen
    Rots-Vast Group Groningen Rots-Vast Group started into business in 1989 from a small office in Rotterdam (then known as 'Rotterdams Vastgoed'). Over the years, Rots-Vast Groep has developed into an ...
  • Gout Beheer B.V.

    9723JR Groningen
    2 viviendas en Groningen
    Gout Beheer, property rental in and surrounding Groningen Skagerrak 22-19, 9723 JR Groningen
  • Van der Meulen Makelaars

    9722AB Groningen
    2 viviendas en Groningen
    Van der Meulen Makelaars in Groningen is a specialist for temporary housing, rental and selling houses and apartments. Are you looking for a rental property, we have a large selection of furnished ...
  • Havos Vastgoed

    9619PT Froombosch
    2 viviendas en Groningen
    Vos Real Estate buy houses and apartments, shops and other commercial real estate directly from individuals, banks and through auctions. The acquired property is necessary, repaired or rebuilt after ...
  • Makelaardij Van Wieren

    9726BC Groningen
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    Wij zijn beheerder van verhuurde onroerend goed in de stad Groningen. We beheren en verhuren studentenkamers, studio's en appartementen in de stad Groningen. We hebben een kantoor aan de ...
  • Pandomo Makelaars

    9723DT Groningen
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    Driven employees work at Pandomo Real Estate Agents, each of whom, based on their own role, has the drive to fulfill your housing requirements. After all, how you live has a very important influence ...
  • NederWoon Verhuurmakelaars Zwolle

    8011SH Zwolle
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    NederWoon is gebouwd op de wensen en behoeftes van huurders en verhuurders. Dat zie je terug in onze dienstverlening, maar vooral in ons contact met klanten. Bij NederWoon vind je geen moeilijke ...
  • NTC Vastgoed

    9727KB Groningen
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    Onze diensten bestaan uit de aan- en verkoop van vastgoed, het beheer van vastgoedobjecten en portefeuilles, verhuur van woningen en advies over onder andere bouwtechnische zaken, financiering en ...
  • Yure

    9723AB Groningen
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    YURE stands for Young Urban Real Estate. As a real estate agent and advisor we guide investors trough the purchase of investment-properties and dorm-buildings in Groningen. One of the services we ...
  • De Noordelijke Verhuur Makelaars

    8911KE Leeuwarden
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    The Northern hire broker is a rental office, which is active in the rental market in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. We offer our services in rental, leasing and management of properties.
  • Stienstra

    6411BW Heerlen
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    Stienstra, a household name in real Estate Land, has been providing a variety of services in real estate since 1961. We are currently active in the field of investing in, operating and managing ...
  • Noordelijk Woningvastgoed BV

    9702KE Groningen
    1 viviendas en Groningen
    Since 1993 we have been active in the real estate industry. Small as we are, we can provide a personal approach, which enables us to provide specific advice. Whether for housing or shops and other ...