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B2 Makelaars propiedades de alquiler en Haarlem

Kleine Houtweg 109, 2012 CE Haarlem

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. . . You choose B2 brokers, because your home is also very dear to us.

If you want to rent a temporary (1-2 years) can hire our expert staff guide you step by step so you can be assured of a good occupation while in example abroad.

B2 brokers and appraisers specializing in rental and lease to expatriates, working for some time in Haarlem and Amsterdam.

Where at regular real estate agency renting besides selling at a low ebb, we are specialists in this field. Sell or rent, it can be with us both. We have within our organization on a VBO buying and selling department. This allows you to give a dual sales / lease contract. This will increase the chance to sell your home within a reasonable time or to have rented to a reliable party.


B2 makelaars & taxateurs

Kleine Houtweg 109 (villa Lindenhoek)

2012 CE Haarlem

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