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Oei Housing Amsterdam - Expat Apartments Immobilien, zur Miete in Amsterdam

Entrepotdok 13, 1018 AD Amsterdam

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Über uns

Between 4 till 23 November, due to a business trip, Oei Housing will only be reachable by email and Whatsapp. Please visit our OeiHousing website, fill in your search profile, and we will contact you for a visit to one of the apartments. The listed properties on Pararius are still available.

Are you interested in an apartment offered by Oei Housing?
First, you need to know this:
- Tenants do not pay any fees to Oei Housing, we get paid by the owners of the rental properties.
- On your website you can let us know what you're looking for, using the online search profile. After, we will see if your profile matches one or more of the apartments. Go to our website and select Search Profile in the top right.
- On our own website, you can see other apartments, with more photos and professional videos.
- We can show apartments virtually using Facetime and Whatsapp video.
- Each tenant will get full support when renting an apartment. This includes support with connecting to utility companies (gas, electricity, water, and internet).
- Requirements when renting an apartment: Your Bruto=gross income should be 3x the rent (excluding utilities). So if the rent is € 1.500 excl. utilities per month, your Bruto income should be at least € 4.500.
- We support students or trainees if the parents can show sufficient financial capacity. Parents can also pay rent in advance (minimum 4 months).
- The deposit is always 2 months.
- You can register yourself at the city hall unless differently as mentioned before.
- Always READ the descriptions thoroughly.

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    Alwin Oei

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