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PB Makelaars o.z. Immobilien, zur Miete in Amsterdam

Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 31, 1016 RA Amsterdam

Über uns

We believe that ultimately the difference is made by the team and the people. OJ Brokers team consists of four certified brokers: Boukje Timmers, Renata Jaasma, Bass Rutgerink and Dorien Peters.

Four unique individuals, each with their own specific knowledge, interests and (extensive) experience that we can apply as a team to help you to a special and professional manner to your buying or selling process an appropriate "home".

In addition, we believe as a team a lot of flexibility and our values that we set in all aspects of our service.

We will always provide you with a service that is based on our personal and passionate approach, down-to-earth tell it like it is, hospitality, expertise and a transparent approach. We have summarized in 'Clear'!

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  • Dorien Peters
    Dorien Peters
  • Boukje Timmers
    Boukje Timmers
  • Renata Jaasma
    Renata Jaasma
  • Bas Rutgerink
    Bas Rutgerink
  • Marije van Bohemen
    Marije van Bohemen

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