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    Rotsvast Eindhoven

    Rotsvast has been THE BIGGEST SPECIALIST in property rentals (long-stay and short-stay) and property management for over 25 years. With over 20 branch locations and an ever-changing offering of rental properties throughout the Netherlands on our website, available to rent on short notice, Rotsvast is a true leader in the market.

    All employees rent out houses, apartments and rooms, and are involved in the management. You will have a wide selection of different types of housing, which you can to rent on short notice, typically with no waiting period.

    Lengthy waiting lists of several years do not occur at Rotsvast. Some properties are available to rent for a temporary period (short-stay), while others are available for longer periods (long-stay). Our staff are ready to help you find the property that’s right for you. Looking for a rental property? Feel free to contact us right away!

    Rotsvast also caters to people looking to rent out or outsource the management of their property. Rotsvast can provide no-obligation advice about the (temporary) rental of your property.

    We will search for suitable tenants for your property and, if desired, can also take care of both the associated technical as well as financial/administrative management aspects.

    At Rotsvast we pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our tenants and landlords, and we always do our utmost to help our client get the best value.

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    Information for tenants | expats

    The HousingXL offices will offer expats an excellent service, customized to their specific needs.

    Based on the demands and wishes regarding your new accommodation, your HousingXL broker will make a selection from the offering and if required out of the offerings of our associates.

    Step 1:
    By means of registration, we will make an inventory of your entire set of requirements and demands. Based on that, your HousingXL broker will make a selection of objects which may be suitable for you.

    Step 2:
    Out of this selection, you and your HousingXL broker will visit the objects you selected. You will evaluate the objects with your professional HousingXL rental broker who will inform you about the rental terms such as: the minimum rental period, the rental price etc.

    Step 3:
    When you have found the right place to live, your HousingXL broker will start negotiations with the landlord in order to obtain the best possible rental agreement for you. Then your broker will make the lease contract according to Dutch Law and you can enjoy your new house.

    A consultation and a look at the current rental offer is of course completely free of charge and without any obligation. If you wish to use the services of a HousingXL broker, you must be registered at one of the HousingXL offices, the registration is free of charge. Once registered your selected broker will start with the activities.

    When your HousingXL broker conclude a successful mediation, you have to pay contr. and admin. cost = euro 247,50 plus 21% VAT.

    The staff of the HousingXL office in your area, can inform you about all there services. Of course you can also register online and one of the rental brokers will contact you a. s. a. p.

    Requirements for the registration,

    for individuals:

    - 2 recent pay slips and / or an employment contract

    - Valid identification

    for entrepreneurs:

    - Recent income tax-report

    - Recent copy of valid identification and chamber of commerce proof of the signature powers of the venue

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    Stoit Groep

    Stoit Groep
    Suchen Sie für eine befristete Zeit eine Wohnung? Die Stoit Groep vermietet gut gepflegte Wohnungen im mittleren und hohen Marktsegment. Wir vermieten möblierte, komplett eingerichtete Wohnungen, in denen sogar an zusätzliches Haushaltsleinen gedacht ist. Wohnungen in unserem Angebot sind mit Fußbodenbelag, Vorhängen und Beleuchtung ausgestattet. Die Wohnungen können bei uns per Woche oder per Monat gemietet werden. Wir vermieten Short-Stay-Appartements, Appartements mit mehreren Zimmern, Häuser mit Garten und Villen - kurzum für jeden Geschmack etwas Passendes. Die Wohnungen liegen an den besten Standorten im Süden der Niederlande, darunter 's-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven, Tilburg und Helmond oder in einer der Randgemeinden, stets in der Nähe wichtiger Einrichtungen. Die Stoit Groep nimmt Ihnen alle Wohnsorgen ab. Denn wir haben nur ein Ziel vor Augen: dass die Bewohner sich zu Hause fühlen. Unsere dienstlestungen Wir verfügen über mehr als 20Jahre Erfahrung mit der Vermietung und Verwaltung von Wohnungen im mittleren und hohen Marktsegment. Zu unseren Dienstleistungen gehören darüber hinaus auch Unterstützung beim Immobilienkauf und -verkauf. Speziell für Expatriats Wir richten uns mit unseren Dienstleistungen auf den geschäftlichen Markt. Fachkräfte aus anderen Ländern, die für international operierende Organisationen längere Zeit in den Niederlanden tätig sind, finden über uns eine geeignete Wohnung.

    Verwaltung Alle Wohnungen der Stoit Groep befinden sich in perfektem Zustand. Unser eigener Servicedienst sorgt dafür, dass die Wohnungen unseren hohen Qualitätsanforderungen genügen. Darüber hinaus unterstützen wir Sie auch, wenn es um Wartung, Abnahme, Rechnungsstellung, Verträge usw. geht. Ein anderes Beispiel ist die Kontrolle von Inspektionsberichten. Auch bei Problemen verschiedener Art können Sie sich auf unsere Unterstützung verlassen. Unsere Dienstleistungen im Überblick: Vermittlung beim Mieten und Vermieten - Immobilienverwaltung - Unterstützung bei An- und Verkauf - Beratung über Investitionen in Immobilien

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    Brick Vastgoed

    Brick Real Estate, a housing agency in the Netherlands with a lot of experience within the rental property market in the region of Eindhoven. These kind of properties varies from rooms up to Vila's.

    Brick Real Estate has a lot of experience in successfully mediate between home-owners, tenants, expats and companies. We have direct contacts with Human Resource departments of companies in the region of Eindhoven.
    Registration at Brick Real Estate is free and without any obligations.
    If you haven't found a property in our database that suits you, we still recommend registering! We often know if a property will become available within a short period. Those properties are not on the website yet and could fit your needs.

    The registration form will give us some details of your personal situation and the kind of property you are looking for. That way we can help you finding the property that will fit your needs.

    When you visit Brick's Real Estate office for the first time, please bring a copy of your identity and your pay slips with you.

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    Census Real Estate

    Since a number of years, Perrée & Partners initiates real estate projects with focus on residencies in the ´starters segment´ of the market: people looking for their first home.

    There is a shortage of around 200.000residencies in the Netherlands, which for the main part is composed of these starters residencies. Driven by the demographic developments, the increase of small family households, the little space for construction and the high population density (400/km2), this shortage is of continuous kind.

    Perrée & Partners has broad expertise to manage a real estate project from the initial concept phase to final delivery. Our own back office and maintenance department manages the maintenance and administration of the objects. This provides an active management using a clear hands-on approach.

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    HouseHunting Eindhoven

    The company profile of House hunting Eindhoven

    House Hunting real estate agency is a young and dynamic organisation in the southern area on the Netherlands specialised in rental accommodations for short and long rental periods. Other working areas are house management and Corporate Housing management.

    The rental houses offered by House Hunting are almost always directly available and in semi furnished or furnished condition for a quick moving in.

    We can offer you a complete service with One Stop Shopping (for the complete housing market) and of course we work on No Cure No Pay conditions.

    Every move is a different move, and we understand that success depends on our ability to deal with every eventuality. We believe in getting everything right, we want client relationships which are built on confidence and trust. Most of all, we want client relationships that will last.

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    GOETH Vastgoed

    Professional real estate agency in Eindhoven Goeth Real Estate is a professional rental agency in Eindhoven. Our real estate agents are well experienced and bring together the best of both the traditional rental agency and the online oriented housing agency. Our founder has been active for many years in rental property services in Eindhoven and the surrounding region.

    Why Goeth Real Estate Agency? - Years of experience as a rental agent - Targeted services for expats and other people looking for a rental property - Real estate agents with a deep knowledge of all legal and fiscal aspects - Our rental agency works on a 'no cure no pay' basis - Well connected with all rental agencies and real estate parties in the Eindhoven region

    Furnished apartments in Eindhoven An interesting specialisation is our service for furnished apartments in Eindhoven. Goeth Real Estate has a nice offering of furnished apartments in Eindhoven both for long and short stay. For more information about furnished apartments, please give us a call directly.

    Corporate housing in Eindhoven In addition, we can help you for corporate housing in Eindhoven. Both for you or your staff we can be of great help to find corporate housing. As much as furnished apartments, corporate housing in Eindhoven requires a specific approach. Our English speaking staff can tell you much more about it. For more information about corporate housing in Eindhoven, you can best give us a call directly.

    GOETH Real Estate hopes to welcome you, our rental agents are pleased to help you find a rental property or furnished apartment in Eindhoven.

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    DHVC Vastgoedservice

    DHVC Vastgoed was founded more than 20 years ago in Eindhoven, where our heart (and office) still lies. We are an innovative real estate agency that breaks through the traditional brokerage business and brings something new in a trendy city such as Eindhoven.

    The approach of DHVC is characterized by the focus on social media and strong service. The real estate agency keeps up with the times and makes use of the means and channels on which the customer moves. In this way we can guarantee the best possible results.

    We specialize in rental, sales, leasing, purchase, management and valuations. In other words, DHVC does the process from A to Z if requested.

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    Vesteda Property Management

    Vesteda is an active investor with a clear focus on the Dutch residential real estate market. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, including pension funds and insurers. Vesteda has total capital of approximately €4 billion invested in real estate. The company’s rental portfolio stands at a total of around 23,000 homes. Vesteda’s key investment regions are the Randstad urban conurbation and the Noord Brabant province.

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    Domica Eindhoven

    Domica ist Ihr Partner in der Vermietung und Verwaltung von Wohnungen für Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen im ganzen Land. Domica erzeugt die größten Immobilien zum mieten. Das Team besteht aus Domica angetriebenen Unternehmer und Vermietung Makler. Sie können Ihnen helfen, die Mietwohnungen, die Ihrem Lebensstil entspricht und führen Sie durch den gesamten Prozess der was dies bedeutet. Nachdem Sie mit uns als ein Haus registriert haben, können Sie sich kostenlos und unbegrenzt Viewings in vielleicht Ihre zukünftige Traumhaus planen!

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    Huurinc Housing

    We will definitely find your home in Eindhoven!

    A charming apartment, room, house, apartment or studio, villas, loft or business wants to rent in the Eindhoven region will automatically select Huurinc Housing! Huurinc Housing offers a state of the art matchingsysteem.24 hour links our software home seekers to our housing stock and vice versa. Spiders also ensure sure that all the other offerings from the region is matched to our page file. We guide you with care and attention to finding a suitable accommodation.

    Also for hiring and managing your rental property you've come to the right place. Letting your home with Huurinc Housing expertly arranged. As a local rental agent, we provide the entire rental process. This means that Huurinc Housing in consultation with you determine the rental price and conditions, present your house, takes care of the visits, the candidates carefully screens and selects and rental agreement includes additional provisions, if desired, also prepares in English.

    In addition, we provide a comprehensive inspection including photographs at the check. The advantage is that letting your property runs entirely according to your wishes and legislation.

    For more information or advice feel free to contact us.

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    Holland Housing Center

    Holland Housing Center is a dynamic company consisting of highly motivated professionals who are among the best in their field. Our offer and advice are characterized by exclusive and high real estate combined with a personal and service-oriented sales strategy.

    We are specialized in the various facets of the real estate; rentals, management, short stay, sales, appraisals and investment. Here we focus on professionals as well as individuals and operate in a very strong network.

    With an universal approach Holland Housing Center demonstrates the diversity of the industry and distinguishes itself from traditional providers. We want to be the absolute premium brand in reliable real estate advice. Regardless of what market conditions we will differentiate us from the masses on the basis of a relationship-driven approach.

    Holland Housing Center believes in an amalgamation of knowledge to achieve a universal approach. We operate dynamically and therefore 24/7.

    If we can do something for you please contact us.

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    Rotsvast Eindhoven (ShortStay)

    Rotsvast ist schon seit mehr als 25 JAHREN DER GRÖSSTE SPEZIALIST im Bereich von Mieten, Vermieten und Verwalten von Wohnungen. Mit mehr als 20 Niederlassungen und einem ständig wechselnden Wohnungsangebot auf der Website, die kurzfristig überall in den Niederlanden gemietet werden können, ist Rotsvast tonangebend im Markt.

    Alle Mitarbeiter vermieten Wohnungen, Apartments und Zimmer und spielen eine Rolle beim Verwalten von Mietobjekten. Sie haben die Wahl aus einem umfangreichen, vielseitigen Angebot an Wohnungen, die kurzfristig und meistens sofort gemietet werden können.

    Wartelisten, manchmal sogar über mehrere Jahre, gibt es bei Rotsvast nicht. Die Wohnungen können vorübergehend, aber auch für einen längeren Zeitraum gemietet werden. Unsere Mitarbeiter stehen Ihnen bei der Suche nach einer geeigneten Wohnung gerne zur Seite.

    Sie suchen eine Mietwohnung? Bitte, kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt!

    Aber auch für das Vermieten und Verwalten Ihrer Wohnung / Immobilie sind Sie bei uns an der richtigen Adresse. Rotsvast berät Sie unverbindlich über die (kurzfristige) Vermietung Ihrer Wohnung.

    Wir suchen passende Mieter für Ihre Wohnung und erledigen auf Wunsch sowohl die technische als auch finanziell-administrative Verwaltung für Sie.

    Wir bei Rotsvast legen Wert auf eine längere Beziehung zu unseren Mietern und Vermietern und sind immer bestrebt, den besten Deal für unseren Auftraggeber zustande zu bringen.

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    Holland Housing Center Short Stay

    Holland Housing Center is a dynamic company consisting of highly motivated professionals who are among the best in their field. Our offer advice and characterized by exclusive and high real estate combined with a personal and service-oriented sales strategy.

    We specialize in various aspects of real estate; purchase, sale, rental, management, short stay, appraisals and investment. Here we focus on professionals as well as individuals and operate in a very strong network.

    With a universal approach Holland Housing Center demonstrates the diversity of the industry and distinguishes itself from traditional providers. We want the absolute premium brand in reliable real estate advice. Regardless of what market conditions then we will differentiate us from the masses on the basis of a relationship-driven approach.

    Holland Housing Center believes in an amalgamation of knowledge to achieve a universal approach. We operate dynamically and therefore 24/7.

    If we can do something for you please contact us.

    Quickly rent a house or rent?
    Please phone or e-mail contact us.

    Holland Housing Center I Professional bookings for accommodation and hotel stays.

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    Van Santvoort Makelaars Eindhoven

    Van Santvoort Makelaars Eindhoven is a real estate agency with 26 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at Boutenslaan 195, Eindhoven.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of Van Santvoort Makelaars Eindhoven. If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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    Housing Totaal

    Looking for a property?

    Do you value personal attention? Are you looking for a broker who listens, thinks along with you and can give you good advice? Then Housing Totaal is what you are looking for.

    For renting Housing Totaal is the place to go! Housing Totaal is an all-in-one housing agency. Our motivated and experienced team is at your service. Call or send an e-mail and feel the difference.

    Housing Totaal.

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    123Wonen Eindhoven

    From now 24 locations We mediate in the lease and rental of properties. For both investors and housing corporations but also for people who want to rent their sale property based on the vacancy, through bridging rental. Because of our nationwide coverage 123Wonen can be of service when renting or letting one or more properties throughout the Netherlands.

    We provide both temporary rental homes and rental homes indefinitely. You can opt for basic rent, rent furnished or unfurnished rental.

    Please feel free to contact 123Wonen Eindhoven

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    Regio56 Huisvesting

    Regio56 Housing was founded in 2007. We are strong in rental and property management of private homes. With a highly motivated and enthusiastic team, we make sure that we are looking for the ideal rental home. We bring all wishes by means with a personal interview. We have the option to subscribe as Priority. With Priority subscription the chance of finding a suitable home is faster.

    With our offices in Den Bosch and Eindhoven, we offer a good supply in these regions. In our offer you will find student rooms, studios, apartments, houses and detached houses. This in price ranges from € 350, - per month. Ask about our rental conditions through our office in Eindhoven. We can be reached Monday to Friday from 8:30to 18:00and Saturday from 12:00to 15:00.

    Welcome home!

    The team Regio56 Housing.

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    Friendly Housing

    In 2018 elected number 7 of the Pararius Top 75 rental brokers in the Netherlands.

    Friendly Housing is specialized in renting and managing student houses, studios en apartments.

    Our main aspects are delivering quality and a high level of service.

    This is automatically linked to better living and housing conditions for the tenant. The tenant is central to us and we are happy to help them!

    Important for you as a tenant:
    We only charge € 150,- excl.21% VAT as rental costs when you are going to rent a property.

    Important for you as a landlord:
    Low vacancy rates and an optimal rental income of your property.
    Management fee starting from 6% excl.21% VAT.

    Mediation costs for landlords:
    - Dependant housing € 200,- excl.21% VAT
    - Independent housing € 350,- excl.21% VAT
    - If you choose to only use our services to search for a tenant, the costs for mediation are € 500, - excl.21% VAT.

    This makes us the cheapest real estate office in Eindhoven!

    Please let us know if you want to make an appointment to get to know our agency and our employees, the coffee is always ready!

    Team Friendly Housing

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    Stones Housing

    The way you reside is a personal choice.

    With care and attention we will guide you in the search to a suitable residency.

    Stones Housing is a professional mediator for all types of housing. We are specialised in mediating between finding a landlord for the right tenants and finding comfortable accommodation for a shorter or longer period of residency.

    Customer quality and a personal approach are important to us.

    We like to take our time and discuss the possibilities with you.

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Makler und Immobilienmakler Eindhoven, Mietwohnungen Eindhoven

Mieten in Eindhoven? Immobilienmakler und Makler in Eindhoven für Mietwohnungen in Eindhoven, bequem geordnet.

Jede Immobilienmakler und Makler Eindhoven diese zusammenwirken mit Pararius wird hier verzeichnet. Die Immobilienmakler und Makler die verzeichnet werden befriedigen die Pararius hohen fordern. Pararius zeigt nur die besten Immobilienmakler, Makler und Mietwohnungen innen Eindhoven.

Erhalten Sie in Verbindung mit der Immobilienmakler und Makler Eindhoven.

Die Immobilienmakler und Makler in Amsterdam Ihnen wählen wird gezeigt mit ausführlichen Informationen. In Verbindung mit dieser Immobilienmakler und Makler in Eindhoven zu erhalten ist einfach.

Pararius, auch für Immobilienmakler, Makler und Mietwohnungen in Eindhoven.

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