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Driven employees work at Pandomo Real Estate Agents, each of whom, based on their own role, has the drive to fulfill your housing requirements. After all, how you live has a very important influence on your life! No matter how simple it sounds: people who enjoy their work work at our brokerage. And this enthusiasm is reflected in our work!

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What is unique about Pandomo Makelaars is that as an involved broker in Groningen and the surrounding area we not only know the city like the back of our hands, but also have a very extensive network and reach. Because we have a clear picture of the wishes of our customers, we can often quickly link supply and demand to each other and also offer full service. That's great for every party!

In short: A broker with Groningen sobriety, who thinks along, is active and enthusiastic and pays extra attention to personal contact. This way the character of Pandomo Makelaars could be summarized in a nutshell. “For more than 23 years, we have been ensuring that people from Groningen, whatever their wishes, are helped. We don't do things differently than others - we just want to do our job well. And that has made us a reliable partner for many different parties for many years. ”- Piet Cazemier

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915 € pro Monat

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