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Scheggetman Makelaardij originated from the drive and passion for houses of Carla Scheggetman. Carla was born in The Hague and moved to Wassenaar at a young age. As a result, she know Wassenaar and the surrounding places like no other. Carla has worked for more than eight years at a renowned real estate agency in Wassenaar, of which six years in the office and two years in the field. She learned the tricks of the trade here and in the meantime obtained all the necessary diplomas to be able to perform the profession of a modern broker. With Scheggetman Makelaardij, Carla is committed to providing a house for everyone. Supporting customers and providing the right information is her most important task. After all, it is not just something, buying your own house. A house is something very personal. As soon as you enter a house, you should immediately have a good feeling: I feel at home here! But it's not just about feeling, it's also about your future and your investment. It is therefore important that you are properly be advised and guided. Whether you are going to sell, buy, rent or let Carla manage your house.

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