The Cohesion Lux Eindhoven

The Cohesion Lux in Eindhoven
EUR 500 - EUR 1.200 excl. all costs
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  • 40 m² - 134,5 m²
  • Apartments, studio's and Friends apartments
  • 199 apartments


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Meet Lux.

​This is Lux Eindhoven, 199 studios, apartments and friends apartments for urban professionals. Lux is designed by KENK Architecten and developed by SDK Vastgoed in co-operation with Rockfield Real Estate.  

The Urban Professional

You are an open minded urban professional, new people and experiences are your driving force. As ambitious as you are you need a place which is an extension of your personality. When you're not busy trying to reach your personal goals, neighbours and friends are always welcome. Do they need something? You're there!  


Living with your best friend in a beautiful apartment at the hotspot of Eindhoven. Ready to explore the city. Whether you are in school, working or an entrepreneur, you want your friends close to you.
You accomplish more together. You are a great team that loves to share!


​Live your best life! This vibrant and creative part of Eindhoven has more than enough to offer such as funky restaurants and bars, several art galleries, a lively food market, movie theatre, clothing shops and much more! Feel the industrial vibes and get inspired.

Lux is conveniently located. In a few minutes you’ll find yourself at train station Strijp-S.

By public transport:

Eindhoven Central Station: 4 minutes
Den Bosch Central Station: 24 minutes
Tilburg Central Station: 27 minutes
Breda Central Station: 46 minutes


  • start built 2020
  • start rent 2021
  • completion