New Orleans

Living in New Orleans
EUR 1.485 - 2.470 excl. all costs per month
Start rent
  • 65 m² - 212 m²
  • 2 bedroom apartments
  • Just a few apartments left


Just a few apartments left!

New Orleans has a sunny, light appearance. The New Orleans façade is covered with light, sand-coloured natural stone, it has a beautiful sun deck, a glass ‘foot’ and is 160 metres tall — the tallest residential tower in the Netherlands. With its 45 floors with apartments and the beautiful penthouses in its crown New Orleans is an eye-catcher. A Mediterranean lady, lightly dressed, in the company of coarse sea dogs (the old warehouses) and important businessmen (such as the KPN building and the World Port Center), New Orleans gives off a southern warmth with grace and refined, tasteful elegance.


  • Start built 2010
  • Again available 2021
  • Start rent 2021