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We have been working for over ten years as a broker primarily in Amstelveen and Amsterdam. For individuals, start-ups, families, expatriates we have hundreds of homes and condos sold or bought or rented or leased.

Furthermore, we have lived our whole lives in Amstelveen, we know every street and we have a large network. A network with many potential buyers, brokers, close to Amstelveen and Amsterdam.

When selling your home we reach digitally a large audience, because we are at Funda, vbo. nl and house line. In addition to our own site, and shop where every day hundreds of people long run, we have a large database of potential buyers.

The ladies kindly take the phone and customers speak to neatly. The broker is doing the viewings yourself, send the negotiations in consultation with you, up to the sale at the notary.

With us you are on, expertise, independence and reliability to the right place. But most importantly, we provide good sales revenue, and customers come back to us.

We would like to hear from you. Whether you pass by our office for a cup of coffee?


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