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Welcome to Nuver Rent. nl

Specialist (temporary) rental of your property.
We provide fast and professional mediation
owners and house hunters.

Is your home sale for some time and want to leasing?
Do you already have a new home, but is not yet sold your previous home?
Are you going for a definite or indefinite period of time abroad?
Will you live together and you do not have to sell your house?
Wait with selling and temporary rent?
Or do you have another reason to rent your home (temporarily)?

Then you have Nuver Rent. ie to the right place.
We take care of everything and ensure the right tenant.
We not only draw on our large member base of home seekers, but
also actively for you to find a suitable tenant.

Avoid double housing costs and get more financial space.
today sign your property still to Nuver Rent. nl

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