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Rental agency in Delft Oude Delft is a rental agency specialised in rentals in Delft and the surrounding area. Our rental agency offers a wide choice of rental apartments and homes. Largest part of our rental properties in Delft are situated in the historic centre. In this area we have apartments and entire homes for rent in the canal district of Delft. An essential part of these rentals are monumental properties.

Furnished apartments in Delft In addition we offer upholstered and furnished apartments in Delft and other types of furnished rentals. Our furnished homes in Delft are especially nice for internationals. A furnished apartment saves you much time compared to an unfurnished apartment. Most foreigners spend a short time in Delft and we help them to save time by finding a furnished home.

Real estate agents with expertise Our expertise for rental properties in Delft can be of great use for internationals. We can support you in finding a suitable rental home and help you understand the local regulations and pitfalls in the entire process. If you are looking to rent an apartment in Delft, we invite you to for a visit to our rental agency. Or give us a call so we can further explain how we can help you to find a suitable place to live in Delft.

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Aart van der Leeuwlaan

€1,395 per month


€1,500 per month

Ternatestraat 107

€900 per month

Oude Delft

€1,000 per month


€1,650 per month

Hooikade 29 3

€850 per month

Knuttelstraat 20

€1,550 per month

Litouwen 4

€1,500 per month

Pootstraat 141

€1,750 per month

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