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The more than 5,000 properties that WoonCompany has mediated over the course of 15 years have provided a broad experience, which allows you to choose for WoonCompany as a smart option.

With its experience, WoonCompany is able to guarantee the property owner a correct rental valuation, a solid mediator and an extensive local network. The prospective tenant in the same way is ensured correct information, running costs and a rental price in line with the market. This is not contradictory; in fact, these two are compatible. Therefore, either renting or letting, in both cases WoonCompany is of service.

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Eric Meijer

Real estate agent

Sander Hoeve

Real estate agent

Kai van Hese

Rental agent

Maarten Swinkels

Office manager

Fabienne Keijzer

Commercial assistent

Jacqueline Dreves


Arthur Rijff

Sales broker

Our latests listings

Burgemeester Patijnlaan

€175 per month

Stalpertstraat 54

€1,250 per month

Mient 142

€1,195 per month


€1,600 per month


€1,500 per month


€1,175 per month

Segbroeklaan 418 J

€1,450 per month

Arnold Spoelplein

€750 per month

Emmastraat 34 A

€1,250 per month

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