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W&D Vastgoed is a company that for years has been active in the real estate market. We create investment properties with mainly starters apartments.
From purchase, through the licensing process and the (re) construction to rental and delivery. If you yourself do not have time or simply do not know we can guide you to the range from A to Z.

Our latests listings


€870 per month

Telegraafstraat 25 04

€680 per month

Jozef Israëlsstraat 63

€734 per month

Veldhovenring 16 07

€655 per month


€895 per month

Veldhovenring 109 f

€745 per month

Hasseltstraat 171 03

€610 per month

Capucijnenstraat 142

€705 per month

Superior de Beerstraat 135

€735 per month

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