• Vlug Wonen

    7512CD Enschede
    24 properties in Enschede
    Vlug Wonen housing agency brings demand and supply of rental properties perfectly together. Because we respond well to current market trends, we have a nice offer of rental properties. Because of ...
  • 123Wonen Twente

    7609RG Almelo
    8 properties in Enschede
    Out of 29 branches we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. For both investors and housing associations, but also for people who want to rent out their property which is on sale. Through ...
  • Twente Invest

    7512CG Enschede
    4 properties in Enschede
    Twente Invest since the mid-90s active in the hiring, mediate and manage property. Through our years of experience in the real estate market in terms of both purchase, sale, leasing, brokerage and ...
  • Veldboom Vastgoed Enschede

    7514AJ Enschede
    3 properties in Enschede
    If you are looking for accommodation in the beautiful city of Enschede, Veldboom Vastgoed is the right place for you. We have a wide range of student rooms, studios, apartments and houses. All you ...
  • ViaDaan

    5612AA Eindhoven
    1 properties in Enschede
    ViaDaan, rent responsibly. ViaDaan stands for mediation between tenants and landlords in the private housing market. History ViaDaan was founded in 2017 and is therefore a fresh new player in the ...
  • Smart Wonen

    7512EB Enschede
    1 properties in Enschede
    Find a place to rent in Enschede? Smart Wonen is a housing mediation office that helps students and expats find a place to rent in enschede, deventer or groningen. We have a broad housing supply ...
  • Zandstra Makelaardij

    7521AN Enschede
    1 properties in Enschede
  • HouseHunting Enschede

    7514BV Enschede
    1 properties in Enschede
    The company profile of HouseHunting Enschede House Hunting real estate agency is a young and dynamic organisation in the eastern part of the Netherlands specialised in rental accommodations for ...
  • Marcel Kon Makelaardij Enschede

    7513EE Enschede
    1 properties in Enschede
    'Thuis in elk huis' Marcel Kon Makelaardij is inmiddels 20 jaar actief op de Twentse vastgoedmarkt en heeft door ervaring, persoonlijke aandacht en integriteit een uitstekende reputatie opgebouwd. ...
  • De Huizenbemiddelaar Twente

    7511CV Enschede
    0 properties in Enschede
    De Huizenbemiddelaar Twente is regionally active in the field of housing rent, rental and management. Quickly rent your house! We rent an average of your property within 14 days. De ...
  • NederWoon verhuurmakelaars Deventer

    7413AC Deventer
    0 properties in Enschede
    Agent - Property Agent Deventer: NederWoon If you are looking for accommodation, please use the rate of NederWoon verhuurmakelaars in Deventer. We rent on behalf of private and institutional ...
  • Rijsterborgh Makelaars

    1183CK Amstelveen
    0 properties in Enschede
    Rijsterborgh Makelaars bestaat sinds 1970. Ons kantoor is gevestigd in Amstelveen. Met onze gedrevenheid en kennis van de markt hebben we inmiddels vele klanten naar tevredenheid kunnen bedienen. We ...
  • Bricks Twente

    7523WG Enschede
    0 properties in Enschede
    Bricks Twente is a medium-sized rental agency located in the Roombeek district in Enschede. We are specialized in working with expats and are also business partners of the Expat Center Eastern ...
  • Twents Vast

    7531BG Enschede
    0 properties in Enschede
    Are you looking for a suitable accommodation in Enschede and Almelo? Then you are at the right company: Twente Vast B. V. We rent rooms, studios, apartments, houses, etc. to workers, students and ...
  • WTK Vastgoedbeheer

    7543TA Enschede
    0 properties in Enschede
    WTK Vastgoedbeheer is responsible for real estate objects and all activities that go with it. By handing over the management of object (s), homeowners know for sure that their object is managed in a ...
  • Ad Hoc Zwolle

    8011MS Zwolle
    0 properties in Enschede
    Kies je voor wonen bij Ad Hoc, dan kies je voor een avontuurlijke manier van wonen. De ruimtes die wij je bieden zijn heel divers, van woonhuizen tot kantoorpanden, van scholen tot kerken, van ...
  • Short-Stay Inn

    7514BH Enschede
    0 properties in Enschede
    Short-Stay Inn is a rental agency that offers studios, apartments and houses mainly in the east of The Netherlands. The minimum rental period is only 1 week with the highest flexibility in shortening ...