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    123Wonen Tilburg

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    P&D Housing

    Welcome to P & D Housing!

    P & D Housing as rental agent is firmly set in the world of internationals and expatriates. With our housing we serve the rapidly growing group of expatriates in the region. Housing internationals requires a specific approach. P & D Housing is designed to ensure accurate, quick and professional guidance with internationals and to communicate with them in a efficient way about the available properties on the market as well as their attributes and conditions. Some of the rules and conditions of the Dutch housing market, can be a strange phenomenon for someone from abroad.
    P & D Housing considers it of great importance that the expatriate comprehends the process and all conditions of accepting a rental house. Before we present the lease to our client, P & D Housing has accurately assessed and explained the lease to the client.

    P & D Housing understands that perfectly matched housing for an expatriate in the Netherlands contributes to a successful and long stay: From abroad to domestic

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    Tijdelijk Twee Woningen

    Take Two Homes helps rural homeowners with double mortgage to rent their home temporarily under the Leegstandwet. Take Two Houses and thereby takes all matters concerning the temporary rental of your property out of the hands of the application for authorization by the municipality to regulate the consent of the mortgage lender. We do this at a fixed, low rate.

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    Rental houses, apartments, studios and rooms as well as short stay rentals in Tilburg and surroundings

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