• Tweelwonen.nl Leiden

    2316GB Leiden
    33 properties in Leiden
    Tweelwonen is the most reputable brokerage office in Leiden and surroundings since 2003 and has experience in all areas of leasing and rental of living accommodations. For years, Tweelwonen is the ...
  • EasyMakelaars

    2312DW Leiden
    22 properties in Leiden
    EasyMakelaars is the place for anyone who is looking for residential and or business, but also for anyone who wants to rent housing or business or to manage. EasyMakelaars was founded by experts from ...
  • Domica Leiden

    2311TJ Leiden
    19 properties in Leiden
    Welcome to Domica Leiden, your rental agency! 'Sleutelstad' Leiden; study at the oldest university, herring and white bread, music at the 'Koornbrug', Rembrandt, being a member of Minerva, picnics ...
  • Xpat Xpert

    2311ER Leiden
    14 properties in Leiden
    Xpat Xpert has recently emerged from two brokerage firms that have been active for many years in the Leiden market. By combining (of Robert Peeters and Niels Veldt) we can help you better in finding ...
  • Koops Makelaardij Leiden

    2311ER Leiden
    13 properties in Leiden
    Koops Makelaardij is a dynamic real estate agency specialized in renting and letting accommodation in the region of Leiden, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Amstelveen and Amsterdam. We manage the complete ...
  • Rent2day Real Estate

    2312HN Leiden
    11 properties in Leiden
    Rent2day is a young, dynamic company with a lot of expertise on the rental market of Leiden. We are specialized in the rental of rooms, studio’s and apartments. Because our housing is widespread ...
  • Living Today

    2300AR Leiden
    8 properties in Leiden
    Welcome to Living Today Living Today is a professional real estate agent. We assist landlords with the right tenants and potential candidates with a suitable accommodation. Our scope is the western ...
  • KamerRaad

    2312BT Leiden
    6 properties in Leiden
    KamerRaad Housing Agency is the leading rental specialist in Leiden. For more than 30 years, we have acted as an intermediary in renting and letting an extremely diverse range of accommodation. ...
  • RE/MAX Makelaarsgilde Leiden

    2311JE Leiden
    5 properties in Leiden
    In 2005, RE/MAX Makelaarsgilde opened its doors in the center of Leiden, to become the largest in Leiden and surroundings in 2013. Thanks to the power of the individual and the service orientation is ...
  • Sjaardema Vastgoed

    2312CH Leiden
    4 properties in Leiden
    We rent rooms, studios and apartments in Leiden. We also provide its management. We will all new available living space to share with you!
  • Inleidenhuren B.V.

    2312NV Leiden
    4 properties in Leiden
    You can come to us for a large number of rooms, studios and apartments in and around the center of Leiden. The lines are short and the contact is easily accessible. We are happy to help you find the ...
  • Rotsvast Leiden

    2312HR Leiden
    3 properties in Leiden
  • 123Wonen Leiden

    2316XC Leiden
    3 properties in Leiden
    From now 25 branches we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. For both investors and housing associations but also for people who want to rent their property for sale through bridging ...
  • Graal Makelaardij

    2311EV Leiden
    1 properties in Leiden
    Brokerage Graal . . . the specialist in high-end! Much has changed in recent years in the brokerage. To mention some: the protection of the title 'broker' is lifted, the rates are released, Funda is ...
  • Hypodomus makelaar Leiden

    2312GL Leiden
    1 properties in Leiden
    Hypodomus Rick Rijnbeek Your regional broker Daily from 8 am to 21h Purchase and Sale Leasing and rental Management appraisals
  • Forest Real Estate

    2311CS Leiden
    1 properties in Leiden
    Forest Real Estate is a professional real estate company located in Leiden. We are specialized in renting rooms, apartments and houses in Leiden and around.
  • Keij Beheer V.O.F

    2313SW Leiden
    1 properties in Leiden
    Running an administrative office of registered property as well as mediating in real estate and everything that belongs to it
  • Hogeland verhuurderservice

    2311RB Leiden
    1 properties in Leiden
    Welcome to the website of Hogeland Verhuurderservice. 30years an understanding in Leiden. When you are looking for a property look a look around in our offer. Our website also offers the ...
  • Fides Makelaars Leiden

    2313DP Leiden
    1 properties in Leiden
    Fides makelaars Leiden are ready for you Fides makelaars Leiden are at your disposal with advice and assistance when buying, selling or renting your home The Fides estate team helps you to sell, ...
  • Barnhoorn Bedrijfsmakelaardij

    2316XX Leiden
    0 properties in Leiden
    Barnhoorn Bedrijfsmakelaardij is gevestigd in Leiden aan de Rijnsburgersingel 59, wij zijn tefonisch bereikbaar op werkdagen van 8.45 - 17.30 uur.