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Graal Makelaardij, Leiden

Rapenburg 4, 2311 EV Leiden

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About us

Brokerage Graal . . . the specialist in high-end!

Much has changed in recent years in the brokerage. To mention some: the protection of the title 'broker' is lifted, the rates are released, Funda is open to non-members NVM and the 'do it yourself' formula has been introduced. In short, there is something to choose for consumers, and so it should be!

Graal Brokerage has from its beginning in 2003, focused on the sale of housing in the upper segment. Rather than quantity we focus on our quality; and rather than generalist we are the specialist. . . in the upper segment.

This specialization has many benefits for you. We know "our" market like no other. Almost daily see and we speak buyers and sellers in this market segment. We listen to their needs and requirements and are therefore as uniquely able to bring supply and demand together. And that for centuries the role of the broker!

What is the "higher end"?

Graal Brokerage has for several years in succession, the highest average selling price of the Leiden region. The average selling price of all (by NVM) homes sold in 2010 was € 247,500, - (NVM source statistics). The average selling price of Grail Realty was € 690,000, - (NVM source statistics). Most homes in our portfolio have asking prices from about € 300 000, -.

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  • Camilla Kerkhof
    Camilla Kerkhof
    Associate in training
  • Colinda Nijgh
    Colinda Nijgh
    Office manager
  • Wim Graal
    Wim Graal
    Real estate agent

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