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Home consultant - all under one roof we are a young , dynamic organization engaged in real estate and finance. Our philosophy is the customer and his needs central. We can serve you with all the advice pertaining to your property . Our house consultants specialize in different fields and have years of experience . For example, to rent a house / buy , rent / buy or do you please take a mortgage and / or insurance contact us and one of our housing advisers. We will help you with all your questions. The house advisor: everything under one roof ! ! That money for both our offering and our service. - high quality apartments - very wide range - largely unique offer - no waiting lists - flexible viewing times - unlimited one on one visits - involvement and personal attention

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Brusselsestraat 109 A02

€865 per month

Galileastraat 12 kamer 5

€420 per month

Prins Hessen Casselstraat 2

€2,400 per month

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