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SOOF Verhuurmakelaar is the rental agent of Nijmegen and surroundings. At SOOF you will find a wide range: from studios and apartments to detached houses, furnished or unfurnished and for both temporary and long-term habitation. Personal, expert and quality that we consider important.

Rent a house with a familiar feel. A home where you can live with pleasure. SOOF Verhuurmakelaar ensure the right match between landlord and tenant. Comfortable rent, rent comfortable. That's SOOF.


Erwin Hoogeveen

Rental agent

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Oude Graafseweg

€925 per month

Dommer van Poldersveldtweg

€1,650 per month

Clara Wichmannlaan

€1,550 per month


€1,995 per month

Laan van Oost-Indië

€1,575 per month

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