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    Rotsvast Roermond

    Rots-Vast Group Roermond. Rots-Vast Group started into business in 1989 from a small office in Rotterdam (then known as 'Rotterdams Vastgoed'). Over the years, Rots-Vast Groep has developed into an organisation with 27 offices located throughout the Netherlands, which makes us the largest specialist in the field of residential rental brokerage and property management. Thanks to our professional consultants and extensive knowledge of the housing market, we can offer you the utmost in reliable service. This is evidenced by our wide network of satisfied landlords and tenants that we have established since 1989. Rent Rots-Vast Group offers its brokerage services to anyone who is looking for a place to live. Whether you are a student, a single person, a family or a company, you can come to us for all kinds of accommodation - furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished, from a single room to an entire villa and everything in between. More than 65% of people looking for a rental home who register with Rots-Vast Group are successfully matched. Let As a specialist in the field of rental brokerage, we advise and provide quick and efficient brokerage services to anyone wishing to let out their property. We also offer the possibility of managing your real estate. A fax service and this website are examples of some of our efforts to provide the very best service to our clients.

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    Domica Venlo

    Familiar Domica Venlo in Limburg through rent are you looking for a House for rent, apartment or room? Then you Domica Venlo is the right choice. We offer a comprehensive housing for students, two earners, families, senior citizens, companies and expatriates.

    As a tenant would you make your "home" of your rental property. We understand that you as a tenant at Domica Venlo special wishes and requirements. That is why we think a personal approach important. Domica Venlo's staff are informed of your wishes so that they can quickly find your dream house. With an experience of over 20years of consultants and staff can provide you with good advice. We help your with your choice!

    You are looking for a temporary House for rent? Also then Domica Venlo pleased to help you. You rent a home from 3 months. Also if later it turns out that you still want to continue renting the property longer, this is often not a problem.

    Trusted selling with Domica Venlo!

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    Ad Hoc Maastricht

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    Information for tenants | expats

    The HousingXL offices will offer expats an excellent service, customized to their specific needs.

    Based on the demands and wishes regarding your new accommodation, your HousingXL broker will make a selection from the offering and if required out of the offerings of our associates.

    Step 1:
    By means of registration, we will make an inventory of your entire set of requirements and demands. Based on that, your HousingXL broker will make a selection of objects which may be suitable for you.

    Step 2:
    Out of this selection, you and your HousingXL broker will visit the objects you selected. You will evaluate the objects with your professional HousingXL rental broker who will inform you about the rental terms such as: the minimum rental period, the rental price etc.

    Step 3:
    When you have found the right place to live, your HousingXL broker will start negotiations with the landlord in order to obtain the best possible rental agreement for you. Then your broker will make the lease contract according to Dutch Law and you can enjoy your new house.

    A consultation and a look at the current rental offer is of course completely free of charge and without any obligation. If you wish to use the services of a HousingXL broker, you must be registered at one of the HousingXL offices, the registration is free of charge. Once registered your selected broker will start with the activities.

    When your HousingXL broker conclude a successful mediation, you have to pay contr. and admin. cost = euro 247,50 plus 21% VAT.

    The staff of the HousingXL office in your area, can inform you about all there services. Of course you can also register online and one of the rental brokers will contact you a. s. a. p.

    Requirements for the registration,

    for individuals:

    - 2 recent pay slips and / or an employment contract

    - Valid identification

    for entrepreneurs:

    - Recent income tax-report

    - Recent copy of valid identification and chamber of commerce proof of the signature powers of the venue

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    Start Home Rentals Zuid Holland

    About Start Home Rentals
    Start Home Rentals has over 10years experience of letting and managing properties in the Rotterdam region. Through our years of experience we know how to quickly find a suitable rental or tenant. We provide the quality and service you expect from a reliable and experienced company like Start Home Rentals. Flexibility and speed is important to us, we realize that we thus make a difference. Therefore, we are seven days a week for you and your needs negotiable.

    Rent or lease without worry
    We make sure that you need to do as little as possible from the moment you instruct us until the lease ends or leaves the tenant. Technical management of rental housing, administrative support, drafting leases, cleaning, furnished homes. Everything is possible. We translate your requirements into a solution.

    Which customers rent or lease to Start Home Rentals?
    The following customers use our services: companies that are looking for rental housing for their employees, investors, private tenants, homeowners who have temporarily double housing, flex workers and expatriates.

    Where are we active?
    For the business market, we are particularly active in Botlek, Maasvlakte, Europoort and Rotterdam. In addition, we have several projects in the Benelux.

    The private market is our focus on South Holland, Rotterdam region.

    Please contact us or visit us at our office in Spijkenisse

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    123Wonen Eindhoven

    From now 24 locations We mediate in the lease and rental of properties. For both investors and housing corporations but also for people who want to rent their sale property based on the vacancy, through bridging rental. Because of our nationwide coverage 123Wonen can be of service when renting or letting one or more properties throughout the Netherlands.

    We provide both temporary rental homes and rental homes indefinitely. You can opt for basic rent, rent furnished or unfurnished rental.

    Please feel free to contact 123Wonen Eindhoven

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    Maat Makelaars

    Feel free to contact our office. We speak English

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    Wonen Limburg

    You can find an apartment, an apartment, a parking space or garage at home in Limburg. The website provides information on the properties and the various regions so that you can easily choose where you want to live it up. You will also find at home in Limburg construction projects in the field of construction or restructuring of the participating corporations.

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    AB&P Vaassen

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    Hendriks Makelaardij Roermond

    Of course we know at Hendriks that selling a house is quite a difficult occupation. The price, location and of course the movement of the real estate market are just three of the many factors that have to be taken in account when you want to sell your house. At Hendriks, we make sure you get all the support and help that you need in the process of selling. We can offer you an advisory, in which we’ll show a thorough market research. Also, you’ll get an estimation of the asking price. Even though we are great at the competences above, one of the differences between us and other brokers is the way we present your house, which can include a 3D-presentation of the house, some drone-view footage and even a virtual guided tour through the house.

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    Vrijehuizenmarkt MG Makelaardij

    Vrijehuizenmarkt MG Makelaardij is your agency for Roermond, Maasgouw, Roerdalen and Echt-Susteren in which personal consultation, involvement and transparency.

    "It must suit the people and their wishes", is the motto of the structurally savvy Marielle Gerads. She is your broker to Vrijehuizenmarkt MG Brokerage and also qualified sales stylist.

    Atmospheric Roermond, located in the beautiful varied Middle Limburg has it all. Culture, nature, extensive water recreation areas and of course the shopping paradise "Designer Outlet. Living in this region is a party. Also in real terms, you are in good hands, with expert advice and guidance from Marielle Gerads: "Honesty is for me the most important. Customers who were helped and feel truly heard in buying or selling their home, that's what gives me satisfaction and why I started my agency. "

    For the buyer: technique and atmosphere

    Purchasing guidance Marielle distinguished by its technical background. She helps people to assess their housing needs on the technical feasibility of an architectural inspection. "I think you as a broker should know what you are selling, so the buyer knows exactly what he gets in. "There is also focus on environmental factors that determine the living happiness, like the neighborhood. Appointments and viewings are possible on weekends and / or evenings.

    In addition, Marielle has specialized in staging and color and interior design advice, which substantially increase the sales opportunities of your home. With minimal modifications achieve the maximum result in this creed.

    For SELLER: personal guidance with free staging

    Freehomemarket MG brokerage looks together with you to the (im) possibilities in selling your home. What kind of feeling called the house to you when you bought it? Which you got energy? That's what you want to convey to potential buyers.

    "Besides that I often can see at a glance whether living or renovation needs are technically feasible, I offer potential buyers after touring the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee at ease in the house. The way to the ambience to let you work and discuss together further wishes or capabilities. "

    free valuation
    Free staging
    Low start up costs
    low commission

    Appointments and visits possible on weekends and / or evenings

    "Personally for me to connect the starting point. Not only am I happy, feel free to talk and I think with the (re) join buyers, also evenings and Saturdays for me no problem, both for sightseeing and for telephone contact. "

    The properties of Vrijehuizenmarkt MG Realty course also visit the famous rural residential sites, such Huislijn, Funda, and Jaap residential square Limburg. It is also working closely with neighboring Vrijehuizenmarkt colleagues, which we supply and demand in (far) buyers are able to match quickly and efficiently.

    I'll see you soon for a leisurely, without obligation cup of coffee?

    Vrijehuizenmarkt MG Makelaardij

    Marielle Gerads

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    Wonen Zuid

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