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    Information for tenants | expats

    The HousingXL offices will offer expats an excellent service, customized to their specific needs.

    Based on the demands and wishes regarding your new accommodation, your HousingXL broker will make a selection from the offering and if required out of the offerings of our associates.

    Step 1:
    By means of registration, we will make an inventory of your entire set of requirements and demands. Based on that, your HousingXL broker will make a selection of objects which may be suitable for you.

    Step 2:
    Out of this selection, you and your HousingXL broker will visit the objects you selected. You will evaluate the objects with your professional HousingXL rental broker who will inform you about the rental terms such as: the minimum rental period, the rental price etc.

    Step 3:
    When you have found the right place to live, your HousingXL broker will start negotiations with the landlord in order to obtain the best possible rental agreement for you. Then your broker will make the lease contract according to Dutch Law and you can enjoy your new house.

    A consultation and a look at the current rental offer is of course completely free of charge and without any obligation. If you wish to use the services of a HousingXL broker, you must be registered at one of the HousingXL offices, the registration is free of charge. Once registered your selected broker will start with the activities.

    When your HousingXL broker conclude a successful mediation, you have to pay contr. and admin. cost = euro 247,50 plus 21% VAT.

    The staff of the HousingXL office in your area, can inform you about all there services. Of course you can also register online and one of the rental brokers will contact you a. s. a. p.

    Requirements for the registration,

    for individuals:

    - 2 recent pay slips and / or an employment contract

    - Valid identification

    for entrepreneurs:

    - Recent income tax-report

    - Recent copy of valid identification and chamber of commerce proof of the signature powers of the venue

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    Rotsvast Roermond

    Rots-Vast Group Roermond. Rots-Vast Group started into business in 1989 from a small office in Rotterdam (then known as 'Rotterdams Vastgoed'). Over the years, Rots-Vast Groep has developed into an organisation with 27 offices located throughout the Netherlands, which makes us the largest specialist in the field of residential rental brokerage and property management. Thanks to our professional consultants and extensive knowledge of the housing market, we can offer you the utmost in reliable service. This is evidenced by our wide network of satisfied landlords and tenants that we have established since 1989. Rent Rots-Vast Group offers its brokerage services to anyone who is looking for a place to live. Whether you are a student, a single person, a family or a company, you can come to us for all kinds of accommodation - furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished, from a single room to an entire villa and everything in between. More than 65% of people looking for a rental home who register with Rots-Vast Group are successfully matched. Let As a specialist in the field of rental brokerage, we advise and provide quick and efficient brokerage services to anyone wishing to let out their property. We also offer the possibility of managing your real estate. A fax service and this website are examples of some of our efforts to provide the very best service to our clients.

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    geWOON Makelaardij

    geWOON Makelaardij is a real estate agency with 21 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at Essendijk 26, Geulle.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of geWOON Makelaardij. If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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    Woonhuis Limburg

    The Woonhuis Limburg agents are experienced specialists in the rental market. You can contact us for the rent of a student room, studio or apartment, but also for a family house or villa. Regular rentals for undetermined time, as well as temporary (fully furnished) housing, we are in terms of rental properties familiar with everything.

    You can reach us from Monday till Friday, between 9.30AM and 5.30PM. Viewings outside office hours in consultation.

    For questions, you can of course contact one of our brokers.

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    Domica Venlo

    Sind vertraute Domica-Venlo in Limburg durch mieten Sie auf der Suche nach einem Haus zur Miete, Wohnung oder Zimmer? Dann ist Sie Domica Venlo die richtige Wahl. Wir bieten ein umfassendes Gehäuse für zwei Einkommensgruppen, Familien, Studenten, Senioren, Firmen und expatriates.

    Als Mieter machen Sie Ihre "Heimat" der Ihr Mietobjekt. Wir verstehen, dass Sie als Mieter bei Domica Venlo spezielle Wünsche und Anforderungen. Deshalb haben wir einen persönlichen Ansatz für unwichtig halten. Domica Venlos Mitarbeiter werden über Ihre Wünsche informiert, damit sie schnell Ihr Traumhaus finden. Mit eine Erfahrung von über 20Jahren Berater und Mitarbeiter bieten Ihnen gute Ratschläge. Wir helfen Ihr mit Ihrer Wahl!

    Suche Sie sind auf der nach einem temporären Haus zum mieten? Auch erfreut dann Domica Venlo um Ihnen zu helfen. Sie mieten ein Haus ab 3 Monaten. Auch wenn sich später herausstellt, dass Sie trotzdem weiterhin Vermietung der Immobilie länger, ist dies oft kein Problem.

    Vertraut mit Domica Venlo verkaufen!

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    Maat Makelaars

    Feel free to contact our office. We speak English

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Makler und Immobilienmakler Roermond, Mietwohnungen Roermond

Mieten in Roermond? Immobilienmakler und Makler in Roermond für Mietwohnungen in Roermond, bequem geordnet.

Jede Immobilienmakler und Makler Roermond diese zusammenwirken mit Pararius wird hier verzeichnet. Die Immobilienmakler und Makler die verzeichnet werden befriedigen die Pararius hohen fordern. Pararius zeigt nur die besten Immobilienmakler, Makler und Mietwohnungen innen Roermond.

Erhalten Sie in Verbindung mit der Immobilienmakler und Makler Roermond.

Die Immobilienmakler und Makler in Amsterdam Ihnen wählen wird gezeigt mit ausführlichen Informationen. In Verbindung mit dieser Immobilienmakler und Makler in Roermond zu erhalten ist einfach.

Pararius, auch für Immobilienmakler, Makler und Mietwohnungen in Roermond.

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