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Duna property management specializes in the management of business premises and homes in the Rotterdam region. We give advice, our lines of communication are short and personal and we act business off quickly. We work closely with experienced contractors, real estate agents, debt collectors and, if necessary, bailiffs.

We manage real estate for different clients. Our goal is that the owner of a property have nothing to worry about. Therefore, we can take care of everything for you, from a to z:

That means that we will let your property (s) and there a rental contact for format, and have it signed.
We collect the monthly rent and act like it would be necessary also the business off as a tenant rent arrears. To the collection.
Of course, every month you will receive an itemized statement in which revenues and expenses are processed clearly.
If there are complaints about the property, we take care that the problems are solved quickly and correctly.
Also outside office hours we are of course accessible. Property management is a 24/7 activity.
So we always immediately to address problems and calamities. That way the damage as much as possible, limited.

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