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In many real estate agencies you are a valued customer until your lease is signed. From that moment on there is no longer anyone accessible because there simply is no longer any money to be made. With Instant House and Apartment Rentals (Ihar) we have a hospitality background and you will notice the profound service. Even if we do not have the right home in our own selection we will make every effort to find the most suitable apartment for you in collegial cooperation. Both for expats and Dutch clients we find the right apartment or house for a short or long term lease the quickest possible. Sometimes our clients can even move in within 24 hours!

Here again briefly summarize why you come to the right place!

Daily changing supply of housing

Good accessibility

Highly service oriented

Assistance with finding schools, gyms, shops, etc.

Assistance in finding cleaning service

Assistance in finding laundry service

Help with general information about the city

During the lease we can always answer any queries

Free registration for both lessee and lessor

Good pre-selection, the right apartment for the right client!


Aadjan Valster

Rental agent

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Gedempte Zalmhaven

€2,100 per month

Zuiderparklaan 224

€1,425 per month


€1,500 per month

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