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    Robog. nl, quality name in the real estate industry

    Seekers in West Brabant and Zeeland is a comfortable family house is soon to Robog. en out. The partner in rental and property management.

    temporary housing

    Expats have towards Robog. nl found. As it is usually the directors who go looking for their employees to live. Because their employees often stay temporarily in the Netherlands, it is in most cases to rental housing. But it is not only foreign workers who use our expertise. People from all corners of the Netherlands, who decide to go into the West Brabant and Zeeland region to work, come to us.

    private rental housing

    In addition to double-income workers are also an important part of our audience. Because they no longer have the opportunity to include social housing, they look at us with a starter home or a private residence to bridge between selling and buying their own home. Robog. nl en understands this better than anyone, so we help these people like a nice home.

    Many rental properties

    To control all these audiences has Robog. nl a comprehensive file of approximately the 600huurwoningen. These range from simple to very luxurious and therefore in price of 700tot 2500euro per month. Whether it is a small flat or a luxury apartment, we have an attractive living space for everyone. We also rent out garages, business premises and shops.


    We take it for granted that the tenant and landlord can together through a single door. Therefore ensures Robog. nl en sure the tenant fits the profile of the landlord. And if the need arises, we hereby assist in the mediation.


    In addition to mediation, we also specialize in management. We like to take care of the hands of landlords who, for whatever reason itself (temporarily) no can help care for their property. For example by moving abroad. We do this by keeping in touch with the tenant and ensure the financial settlement.

    HOA Management

    When buying an apartment are a lot of albums responsibilities. You are then automatically include members of the homeowners association. This aims to jointly maintain the building and this also submit a plan of action. For over ten years we have specialized in coaching HOA boards. We help them to plan daily maintenance but also the maintenance in the long term and the financial consequences that this entails.

    Are you looking for a comfortable family house for one of your employees, or can we have a different way of service, please contact us!

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    Amstel Housing Breda

    Amstel Housing Breda is a real estate agency with 1 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at van Coothplein 41-A, Breda.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of Amstel Housing Breda. If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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Makler und Immobilienmakler Hoogerheide, Mietwohnungen Hoogerheide

Mieten in Hoogerheide? Immobilienmakler und Makler in Hoogerheide für Mietwohnungen in Hoogerheide, bequem geordnet.

Jede Immobilienmakler und Makler Hoogerheide diese zusammenwirken mit Pararius wird hier verzeichnet. Die Immobilienmakler und Makler die verzeichnet werden befriedigen die Pararius hohen fordern. Pararius zeigt nur die besten Immobilienmakler, Makler und Mietwohnungen innen Hoogerheide.

Erhalten Sie in Verbindung mit der Immobilienmakler und Makler Hoogerheide.

Die Immobilienmakler und Makler in Amsterdam Ihnen wählen wird gezeigt mit ausführlichen Informationen. In Verbindung mit dieser Immobilienmakler und Makler in Hoogerheide zu erhalten ist einfach.

Pararius, auch für Immobilienmakler, Makler und Mietwohnungen in Hoogerheide.

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