• Corpowonen

    7901AE Hoogeveen
    0 Immobilien in Hoogeveen
    Corpowonen is the national internet broker for sale and rental of housing by landlords who wish to be actively involved in the sales and leasing process. We distinguish ourselves from traditional ...
  • 123Wonen Drenthe

    7823BS Emmen
    0 Immobilien in Hoogeveen
    About us 123Wonen Drenthe is part of the national operating rental agency formula 123Wonen with 27 locations. The organization rents houses for investors, but also for private individuals who, for ...
  • Groningse Panden Beheer B.V.

    9711CC Groningen
    0 Immobilien in Hoogeveen
    Groningse Panden is the largest propertymanagement office in the city of Groningen. With more than 3000 tenants and hundreds of locations we can provide a wide range of offers for future tenants and ...