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Dear Landlord,

The possibilities for renting out your home are endless. We have a database of completely screened home seekers. Thanks in part to our international network, we quickly found your tenant. You can also contact us for the complete management of your rented property.

We are member of the NVM branche organization, claiming a high level of quality in knowledge, education and market information. With more than 20 years of experience we are a leading real estate office in the Amsterdam rental market. Don't take our word for it, have a look at what others say in our reviews. Not only landlords, also tenants are pretty happy with us, says google.

Dear Tenant,

Are you looking for a home to rent in Amsterdam? JLG Real Estate’s Tenants’ Rental Service will show you the way. And this goes beyond just finding the right home in the right neighbourhood. We also offer comprehensive support in matters such as the rental contract, deposit or guarantee, and terms and conditions. In this way you’ll be sure to make the best choice.


Dimitry Jansen

Register broker

Mascha Nijssen

Real estate advisor

Erwin Bergsma

Rental agent

Indra Remak


Isabella Vermeulen

Office manager

Joeri van Wittmarschen

Rental agent

Mandy Zijlstra

Rental agent

Nina Haak

Rental agent

Rémon Janssen

Rental agent

Our latests listings

Oostenburgerpark 168

€1,850 per month

Mary van der Sluisstraat 344

€2,100 per month

Orteliusstraat 64 3

€1,900 per month

Silodam 431

€2,500 per month

Albert Cuypstraat 229 H

€1,850 per month

Van Ostadestraat 378 hs

€2,000 per month

Baarsjesweg 261 3

€2,600 per month

Eemsstraat 63 2

€2,450 per month

Looiersgracht 52 HUUR

€2,000 per month

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