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With real estate agency JLG Real Estate every tenant will enjoy the benefits of fee free intermediation the in Amsterdam region! For any object listed with JLG Real Estate you will not have to pay any commission. The specialised real estate agents will help you to get things going! Together with you our rental agents will look for an accommodation that meets all your requirements and will advise you along the way. They will meet you at the first address and drive you all around town by car to look at other available properties. Once your property has been found a letter of intent will be drawn up specifying the most important matters for the future, to be signed rental agreement. The letter of intent will specify the terms, the price and any special clauses. To draw up a letter of intent the following documents are necessary: For private lease: a copy of the tenants passports a working agreement or payslip of the tenants For company lease: a copy of the tenants passports registration form with the Chamber Of Commerce (not older than 6 months) copy of the passport of the proxy according to the registration form of the Chamber Of Commerce After the letter of intent is signed by both the landlord and the tenant the rental agreement will be drawn up by one of our real estate agents and a check in appointment will be made. During the check inJLG Real Estate will take care of the inspection report. This inspection report ensures that there will be no misunderstandings during the check out between landlord and tenant about the delivery at the end of the agreement.

Line of conduct policy of our real estate agency The words that represent the line of conduct of Jansen. van Lingen. de Groot the best are expertness, sincerity and integrity. This attitude will lead to a healthy mutual business relationship.

IMPORTANT: Our rental agency in Amsterdam is also specialised in finding properties that are not listed JLG Real Estate. Our real estate brokers know all the ins and outs and are very skilled when it comes to finding properties for rent outside our own listings. There are two major differences in the approach when you assign us to look for your perfect accommodation: 1. We act on your behalf when renting an accommodation; 2. Our fee is one month rent with a minimum of EUR 1000,- for shorter agreements. Of course you will receive the same level of service as were you renting a property listed with our real estate agency. Our real estate agents in Amsterdam will be happy to be at your service with your quest for the perfect accommodation!

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Looiersgracht 112 III

2.000 € al mese

Prinseneiland 27 C

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Derde Kostverlorenkade 7 1

1.750 € al mese

Bouvigne 27 I

1.650 € al mese

Wigbolt Ripperdastraat 48

1.800 € al mese

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 111 C

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Achtergracht 5 B

2.300 € al mese

Amsteldijk 6 I

2.250 € al mese

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