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An apartment for rent in Drenthe, this province is known for its extended landscapes and its nature. The tenant who is looking for a quiet province for its new apartment for rent is on the right place in Drenthe. Pararius has a wide offer in Drenthe so that you will find your apartments for rent Drenthe, view our apartment for rent offer and find your ideal apartment for rent. The apartments for rent Drenthe on Pararius are offered by renowned rent brokers in the province Drenthe. You can simply search for an apartment for rent Drenthe with the built in search engine. You indicate a number of options, such as a garden or garage for your apartment for rent, and the apartments for rent who meet this description will be shown on your screen. Apartment for rent drenthe offers are constantly kept up-to-date and are so that the apartment for rent offers that are on Pararius are available for you in real time.

Drenthe is a Dutch province situated in the North east of the country. The prices of an apartment for rent Drenthe are very interesting in this region, the price is exceptionally lower compared to the rest of the country. The province Drenthe borders with the province Groningen in the north, in the east it borders with Germany, in the south the province Overijssel and in the west to the province borders with the province Friesland. The capital of Drenthe is Assen. Nature plays an important role in Drenthe, the province counts 3 natural parks. Finding an apartment for rent in Drenthe is an extremely easy task through Pararius. View our apartment for rent Drenthe offers and find your perfect apartment in Drenthe.