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    Groningen is a province in the north of the Netherlands. The capitol of the province Groningen is the city Groningen. In the north the province Groningen borders with the Waddenzee. The province Drenthe borders with the south of Groningen. On the west Groningen borders with the province Friesland. In the waddenzee there are 3 islands which also belong to the province Groningen; Rottumeroog, Rottumerplaat and Zuiderduintjes, these islands are however uninhabited.The province Groningen has much to offer, besides the beautiful naturea parks (Lauwersmeer) and the small villages (Veendam, Haren) that are located within the province Groningen, the city has Groningen also a warm irradiation. This variety of houses for rent and apartments for rent will also be found in the offer of apartments for rent in Groningen

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