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With a wealth of experience in the property industry, we understand the difficulties finding a new place in a foreign city.

Common concerns: will I be near public transport / how will I get around? How do I know this price is fair? How far from the nearest amenities / bars am I?

Property Pool provides real estate services to secure a place that you can call home in the bustling, and beautiful, city of Amsterdam and neighbouring suburbs.

We are specialists in property management and financial administration.

Our services are 100% reliable and trustworthy, no cure no pay

Our clientele are mostly referral based, we get the best results and fairest prices

We will provide you with the best results straight away when it comes to finding an abode to suit you.

Registration is always possible.

When it comes to finding you an apartment Property Pool is at your service. When we take your assignment we offer 100% satisfaction - we will not rest until you are happy! Try finding that elsewhere.


Kimmy Wood

Rental agent

Our latests listings

Van der Hoopstraat

€1,699 per month


€1,650 per month


€1,250 per month

Tweede Jan Steenstraat

€1,250 per month

Gustav Mahlerlaan

€1,250 per month

Eksterstraat 42

€2,750 per month


€1,590 per month


€1,550 per month

Oudezijds Voorburgwal

€1,750 per month

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