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Welcome to VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V.

VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. is a professional real-estate brokerage office, thoroughly acquainted with the Dutch housing market. It is specialized in real-estate consulting services to expatriates.
VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. has contacts with prestigious housing agencies, brokers, real-estate companies and project developers all around the world.
Service, personal attention and integrity come first
We provide consulting and brokerage services for rental, sales, or purchase of property, to both local and foreign businesses. We also operate and manage real estate and other assets, and offer consulting services and management related activities both locally and internationally.

Locating properties:

In the Netherlands, the different types of property for rent can be categorized as follows:
1. Unfurnished properties, with carpeting or parquet floor, usually with curtains. A kitchen and kitchen appliances. In some instances, the kitchen consists only of a sink, a cooking plate and a compact refrigerator.
2. Furnished properties. In addition to the items mentioned above, a complete kitchen, furniture, curtains and linen are included.
3. Semi-furnished properties, which are somewhere in between unfurnished and furnished properties. Several combinations are possible.

The properties offered may be, for instance:
• Single family houses
• Freestanding or semi detached houses
• Apartments
• Studio apartments
• Bungalows
• Villa's
• Houseboats
• Office / commercial spac
• Storage space

VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. will provide guidance to the client (tenant /company/ expatriate) from the moment the request is made, until the rental contract is signed.

VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. takes care of:
• Search Assignments
• House Hunts
• Drafting or Screening of Rental Contracts
• Check-ins / Check-outs

Offering your property for rent:
VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. will take care of placing your house for rent to expatriates whenever you are sent abroad. Also, if you own any additional houses, and wish to rent these to foreign companies, you can do so through VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V.
VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. collaborates with foreign companies that are interested in lodging for their employees (expatriates) who will be in the Netherlands for a limited time.
VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. will search for an appropriate candidate for your house, office/commercial space or other type of property. You as the proprietor decide who may be your tenants, how many persons may occupy your property, and whether or not pets are allowed.
Placing your property with VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. saves you time and money. You don't need to pay for any advertisements, and you don't need to organize several visits to the property.

VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. handles:
• Offering your house or commercial space to the market
• Organizing visits to the property
• Drafting the rental contract
• Drafting the inspection report and inventory list
• Check-ins and check-outs

Real estate management:
VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. is an all-around real-estate management firm that handles the commercial, technical, clerical, and financial management of all types of real estate.
If you live abroad, or are sent abroad by your company, you can let VRC - Veth Realty & Consultancy B. V. manage your property with complete ease of mind.
We also manage company houses. We take care of rent management as well as all maintenance. Many different forms of real-estate management are possible.

For example:
• Rent management (keeping track of rental contracts and rent paid)
• Offering the house for rent and procuring that it is rented anew, in case the rental contract is terminated prematurely-by applying the so called "Diplomatic Clause," for instance
• Check-ins and check-outs
• Semiannual inspection of the property
• Central heating & heating system maintenance
• Yard maintenance
• Cleaning, etc.

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