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Perfectrent rents out and manages real estate in the Rotterdam region. We work for private individuals, professional investors and real estate companies who identify with “good landlordship”. In rentals we specialize in residential properties. In property management we focus on entire complexes consisting of residential and/or commercial properties.

Our aim is to maximize the value that real estate offers to people. Tenants experience value through a pleasant living experience and landlords through successful investments with as few worries as possible.

Whatever we do, we want to do well. Understanding, focus and knowledge are therefore central to our work. True understanding of the other makes us act in the right interest. We work with focus through local specialization, structure and a responsible number of objects. We approach matters by constantly collecting and sharing knowledge.

Our company was founded in 2010 by Tobias Werner. At the time, he started Studyrent with the aim of offering fellow students a pleasant rental experience. Since 2016, we have been approaching a broader market under the name Perfectrent and also offer property management. Every year we maximize the value of real estate for more people. With joy in our work, whilst keeping our identity, we continue to follow this path.


Tobias Werner


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