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Rental Apartments Maastricht

  • Room Koning Clovisstraat 60 B6

    6224 GZ Maastricht (Wittevrouwenveld)
    €395 per month
    Pleasant room for rent in Maastricht in the Wittevrouwenveld district.
    • 12 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Apartment Via Regia

    6216 BV Maastricht (Brusselsepoort)
    €1,360 per month
    Lovely apartment for rent in Maastricht with 3 bedrooms in the Brusselsepoort district.
    • 84 m² Living area
    • 5 Rooms
    • 1960 Year of construction
  • Apartment Franquinetstraat

    6217 KV Maastricht (Brusselsepoort)
    €950 per month
    Cozy authentic apartment with spacious living room and roof terrace. Located on the third floor. ...
    • 51 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • House Mockveld

    6224 JL Maastricht (Scharn)
    €2,495 per month
    Beautiful modern detached house located in the popular district Scharn with 5 bedrooms cum office ...
    • 160 m² Living area
    • 6 Rooms
    • 168 m² garden area
  • Apartment Sauterneslaan

    6213 ER Maastricht (Campagne)
    €895 per month
    Spacious, on good location, Campagne, situated, two bedroom corner flat with free view and free ...
    • 70 m² Living area
    • 3 Rooms
  • House Dolmansstraat

    6222 ED Maastricht (Limmel)
    €645 per month
    Spacious studio with modern kitchen and new bathroom on the second floor within biking distance ...
    • 33 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Apartment Parallelweg

    6221 BD Maastricht (Wyck)
    €853 per month
    Completely renovated trendy studio located in front of the central station of Maastricht. In a ...
    • 44 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • Apartment Dorpstraat

    6227 BK Maastricht (Heer)
    €875 per month
    Completely new furnished apartment on the 1st floor in the area "Heer". - SUITABLE FOR QUIET ...
    • 40 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • Apartment Keizer Karelplein

    6211 TC Maastricht (Binnenstad)
    €850 per month
    Recently renovated trendy apartment located within 100m away from the famous Vrijthofplein in ...
    • 43 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • Apartment Wolkammersdreef

    6216 RL Maastricht (Belfort)
    €975 per month
    Surprisingly spacious newly renovated apartment located on the second floor of a small apartment ...
    • 65 m² Living area
    • 3 Rooms
  • Apartment Kanunnikencour 7 B01

    6211 KW Maastricht (Binnenstad)
    €1,700 per month
    At a 3-minute walk from the Vrijthof you will find this beautiful upholstered apartment with a lift ...
    • 104 m² Living area
    • 4 Rooms
    • 2014 Year of construction
  • Apartment Sint Servaasklooster

    6211 TE Maastricht (Binnenstad)
    €2,400 per month
    Large Three Bedroom Apartment | SERVAAS RESIDENCES | Available now ! Expats and students are ...
    • 166 m² Living area
    • 5 Rooms
  • Room Europalaan 30 K5

    6226 CP Maastricht (Scharn)
    €275 per month
    • 12 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • House Sint Maartenslaan

    6221 AC Maastricht (Wyck)
    €995 per month
    Fully new renovated apartment with two bedrooms. The apartments consits off a new kitchen met ...
    • 68 m² Living area
    • 3 Rooms
  • Room Statensingel

    6211 PR Maastricht (Statenkwartier)
    €465 per month
    Nice furnished student room for rent. The room is located in the back of a student residence on ...
    • 16 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Room Papenstraat

    6211 LG Maastricht (Binnenstad)
    €695 per month
    Grand rooms for rent in historic inner city building, directly across from the Law faculty. The ...
    • 21 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Apartment Longinastraat

    6225 AN Maastricht (Amby)
    €1,195 per month
    NOT FOR STUDENTS Luxury 3 bedroom apartment of approximately 90m2 located on the first floor with ...
    • 90 m² Living area
    • 3 Rooms
  • Apartment Aldenhofpark

    6211 LV Maastricht (Jekerkwartier)
    €795 per month
    Characteristic apartment in maastricht the apartment is located within walking distance of the ...
    • 62 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • Room Frankenstraat

    6224 GV Maastricht (Wittevrouwenveld)
    €425 per month
    Student room available in the Frankenstraat Maastricht This nice room is located on the Groene ...
    • 12 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Room Wilhelminasingel

    6221 BK Maastricht (Wyck)
    €510 per month
    Nice cozy student room in a monumental building in Wyck. The student room is located in a student ...
    • 14 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Room Glacisweg

    6212 BP Maastricht (Villapark)
    €350 per month
    Only suitable for students. Unfurnished attic room of approx 11m2 located in a very beautiful and ...
    • 11 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • House Kasteel Rijckholtplein

    6222 WE Maastricht (Nazareth)
    €925 per month
    Split-level house with living room, separate kitchen/dining room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with bathtub ...
    • 129 m² Living area
    • 4 Rooms
    • 1976 Year of construction
    • 58 m² garden area
  • Apartment Wycker Pastoorstraat

    6221 EM Maastricht (Wyck)
    €1,125 per month
    Not available for students / sharing tenants Cozy and well maintained apartment with 2 bedrooms in ...
    • 80 m² Living area
    • 3 Rooms
    • 1920 Year of construction
  • Apartment Uitbelderstraat

    6211 SL Maastricht (Statenkwartier)
    €1,995 per month
    For rent in the city center of Maastricht. Fully furnished apartment. This spacious, luxurious ...
    • 110 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • House Capucijnenstraat

    6211 RR Maastricht (Statenkwartier)
    €845 per month
    Beautiful apartment situated on the ground floor in the centre of Maastricht. The apartment has a ...
    • 89 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • Room Condéstraat 6 Kamer 3

    6217 LC Maastricht (Brusselsepoort)
    €425 per month
    This beautiful and spacious student room (17 m2) is located against the center of Maastricht. The ...
    • 17 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Room Parallelweg 49 B1.2

    6221 BD Maastricht (Wyck)
    €490 per month
    Neat room in a small-scale student house on Parallelweg 49 opposite the station. An authentic house ...
    • 16 m² Living area
    • 1 Rooms
  • Apartment Capucijnenstraat

    6211 RP Maastricht (Statenkwartier)
    €1,425 per month
    Luxurious and spacious loft with vide (total living surface ca. 100m²) and private parking, ...
    • 100 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • Room Boschstraat

    6211 AV Maastricht (Boschstraatkwartier)
    €385 per month
    Nice room with own sink on the second floor in a student house in a building in the centre of ...
    • 12 m² Living area
    • 2 Rooms
  • Apartment Parkweg

    6212 XN Maastricht (Villapark)
    €1,200 per month
    Nice furnished apartment for rent in Maastricht with 1 bedroom in the Villapark district.
    • 58 m² Living area
    • 3 Rooms

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