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With a housing portfolio of over 20,000 homes, vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is one of the largest rental specialist in the Netherlands. We have 50 years experience in hiring and managing homes. The housing stock is characterized by a large diversity of houses and apartments located in both (large) urban and green and / or watery environments.

Our involved and expert rental agents are actively involved in the wishes of the customer. We work from vb&t offices throughout the Netherlands.

vb&t Verhuurmakelaars are part of vb&t Groep bv. A complete real estate service provider. Relationships benefit more than once from this added value.


Irma Vergeer

Real estate agent

Patricia Defaux

Commercial assistent

Annemieke Voets

Commercial assistent

Tom Jurrius

Commercial assistent

Sebastiaan van Hoegee

Commercial assistent

Karima Darrazi

Commercial assistent

Susan van den Berg

Commercial assistent

Laura van Brunschot

Commercial assistent

Patricia Urgert

Commercial assistent

Loesje Peeters


Dian van de Looij


Alicia Holm


Anneke Jongenelen


Linda Fernandez


Jan van Erp


Linda van Es


Anne Bouhuis


Our latests listings

President Rooseveltlaan 175 C

€1,235 per month

Duinlaan 87

€1,330 per month

Treurenburgstraat 557

€1,310 per month

Spadinalaan 120

€1,725 per month

Dr. Schaepmanstraat 21

€980 per month

De Regent 174

€1,330 per month

Lichtstraat 15

€1,704 per month

Lichtstraat 126

€1,300 per month

Wittgensteinlaan 77

€1,347 per month

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