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Looking to rent a place - or have a place to let - in Maastricht or anywhere else in South Limburg? Welcome to Pro Housing, you’ve come to the right place! Pro Housing has many years of experience as a rental agent, and provides updated listings of rental homes, apartments, and studios 24 hours per day.

We have a complete spectrum of temporary housing listings, from short-stay to long-term rentals (from three months to several years). You can also be confident in outsourcing all your rental and property management needs to us.

Alternatively, if you’d like to keep the management of your rental in your own hands, but list your place with us, you can! On our site, it’s easy and free. Create an account and select the option that’s right for you: free listing on our site, brokerage through us, or one of the other options. Take a look around!


Bo Gorren

Rental agent

Valérie Bijleveld

Rental agent

Vivy Meijer

Commercial assistent

Bermon Pooters


Lars Hayen

Real estate advisor

Gevin Willemsen

Associate in training

Gyvan Pooters


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Grote Looiersstraat

€570 per month


€775 per month


€1,280 per month


€920 per month


€450 per month

Hoge Barakken

€795 per month

Sint Annalaan

€820 per month


€450 per month


€550 per month

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