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Letting your home or your investment property is a serious business. You want your interests professional taken care of. Choosing Expat & Real Estate is choosing a reliable partner. Expat & Real Estate guides expats by international organisations for short or long time to Netherlands. For these international clients we are always looking for new rental homes or apartments.

We screen potential tenants of your property carefully and conduct a thorough background check. We ask candidates to submit to us contracts and salary slips and for the final check we always check with the human resources Department of the company. So know you are assured of a reliable tenant.

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You can give us a full search request.

Expat & Real Estate is specialized in working with expats to find accommodation in the Netherlands. Our qualified agents speak a number of languages fluently and can provide guidance, amongst others, as to which neighbourhoods are most suitable to live for expats. We provide full service housing solutions, so it will be totally hassle free for expats. We offer a one-stop service that handles all the practical aspects of renting homes for short or longer periods.

Our portfolio contains a wide range of houses, villas and (luxury) apartments in the category designations good, very good and excellent. Furnished or semi- furnished, they are available within a broad price range. Mostly they are located in and around The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorschoten, Voorburg, Leidschendam and nearby towns.

Central to our success is an enthusiastic and friendly team of dedicated, highly qualified agents. They are very aware of what moving and living abroad really means. And they also know all about living in the Netherlands. That means they're fully equipped to give relocating families all the support they need to adjust quickly to their new homes and surroundings.


Ariënne Benenga - Claassen

Real estate agent

Barbara van Leeuwen

Real estate agent

Palma van Leeuwen

Real estate agent

Helma Tetteroo - Hoevenaar

Real estate agent

Melanie Verschoor - Schurs

Office manager

Esther den Heldt

Office manager

Annette de Graaf

Office manager

Our latests listings

Koningin Julianalaan 161

€1,600 per month

Hongarenburg 156

€1,600 per month

Groenland 45

€1,500 per month

Hendrik Zwaardecroonstraat 212

€1,500 per month

Kloosterland 66

€2,250 per month

Biancaland 126

€2,700 per month

2e De Carpentierstraat 181

€1,750 per month

van Leeuwenstraat 87

€1,300 per month

Van Lennepweg 52

€3,150 per month

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