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'And then we just rent the property. . ' Thus it began. find a tenant, the right tenant, incheckrapporten means a valid and clear contract, credit checks and advertise the property. .
Suddenly ask an enormous quantity and tasks come and watch this, but we promise you that we will do this together with you.
This is our work, and we are in this field experts. Make an appointment and let us rent your property. You can count on a good candidate with the most favorable price.

We take everything with you and know exactly what is happening. We are happy today along to make any personal knowledge. We stand with our team for you!


Gina Mion

Rental agent

Alex Nieuwenburg

Real estate advisor

Edgar Timmer

Rental agent

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Bulgersteyn 7323

€1,675 per month


€1,295 per month

Oostmaaslaan 179 A

€1,295 per month

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